Stories of Jack

This a the place for stories or memories of Jack. These are mainly memories of my father while growing up. If you knew Jack, and would like to share your stories, please drop me a line and I’ll happily post them.

In some form or fashion, we are all defined by our fathers. Most of us spend the better part of the first two decades of our lives being shaped and influenced by our fathers. This is surely true whether you loved or hated your father; you grew up wanting to emulate or be nothing like your father; you were proud or ashamed of your father.

No matter your feelings, our fathers are a basically a collection of memories – stories if you will – told over time or simply known to the family. Life itself is a series of these stories. If you gather them together, and tell them with love and care, maybe you capture the spirit of life.

After my Dad died in March of 2005, all I had left of him were a handful of things he sent me in my adult life, and my memories. This web site is an attempt to create a short collection of stories of my Father in an effort to strengthen the spirit of his life.

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