John “Jack” Lees Adams, 1945-2005

My name is Jim, and I am Jack’s oldest son. After my Dad died in March of 2005, I registered this domain name, and didn’t do much with it. I posted his obituary with a small picture, and forgot about it. Until May 2013. It was a rainy Memorial Day weekend, and I spent most of the downtime scanning pictures and redesigned/updating this web site.

Then I hit some hard times and lost my Dad’s domain name when I wasn’t able to renew the registration. Luckily, the domain name wasn’t snatched up by some cyber-squatting company overseas. I was able to get back on my feet and re-register my Dad’s domain name. Instead of hand-coding everything, I have since migrated to WordPress, the responsiveness of which makes it easy to view the site on mobile devices.

If you knew Jack, I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your stories, memories, photos, or condolences. Complete the contact form to email me, or contact me on the standard social networking sites using the icons below. Thank you!

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